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Businesses receive their financial data from many different sources – billings, invoices, credit card statements, bank balances, journal entries, the list goes on and on. These numbers are combined and formatted into financial statements by a bookkeeper or accountant and contain no more analysis than the IRS needs. If this formatted report is as far as your business goes with its financial analysis, you’re missing the big picture.

Your financial statements tell an intricate and critical story about your business’s overall health. From cash holdings and revenue growth to asset management and use of debt, the financial decisions made each month have a direct effect on cash flow and overall risk. Without fully understanding these decisions, your business could be missing important opportunities and headed for serious problems.

The Business Ferret is a custom, monthly financial analysis program and consultation that effectively guides businesses of all sizes and types in their financial operations under any circumstance. Receiving regular monthly check-ups from the Business Ferret lowers your overall risk and increases your sustainable cash flow, ultimately leading to higher business value.

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Each year, the Business Ferret helps companies save or create millions of dollars of cash flow and avoid potential financial catastrophes. By closely tracking 12 key financial metrics, we correct and prevent potentially disastrous financial issues.

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Operating Expense Control

Operating expense control is management of the continuous financial obligations incurred in the daily operation of the business.

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Client Testimonial

The Business Ferret has given me a better appreciation of the future effects of today’s decisions – most other accounting reports are like looking backwards, last month, last quarter, last year. Also, the Business Ferret can clearly predict future bankruptcy risk early enough to take corrective actions.

— Richard Harrington, Sound Mind & Body

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