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Monthly Financial Analysis for Business Owners

homepage-graphic01The Business Ferret is an ongoing, in-depth financial diagnostic and consultation that increases financial performance for businesses of all sizes. We use extensive financial metrics to show what your business is doing right, where it is going wrong, and what the near future holds. This regular report and consultation concentrates on the current financial activities that need to be changed, improved, or maintained.

More than just a checkup, our monthly financial analysis report and personal walk-through will guide your business away from financial pitfalls, towards important opportunities, and onto the path of lower risk and increased sustainable cash flow.

What does our financial analysis do?

We take your prepared monthly financial statement and run it through a comprehensive analysis to discover important trends, both positive and negative.

Some business owners believe that their financial statements are an analysis of their financial operations.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


Financial statements are simply the accepted formatting to present financial data from the income statement and balance sheet, nothing more. These statements display financial data in an accurate and uniform manner. The information within is not inherently interpreted or analyzed in any way.

The line items on your financial statements can relate a complicated story about how your business is performing. Each item can be increasing, decreasing, or staying the same, creating a near infinite number of different outcomes from one statement period to the next. You simply can’t afford to ignore this information and what it is really saying financially.

“Kevin and I have been working with Dan Cunningham for about six years and we can’t say enough good things about him. As small business owners who are strapped for time we rely on the advice of trusted professionals. We consider Dan at the Business Ferret to be an integral part of our team. I must admit that at first I was personally hesitant to hand over our company to Dan in the form of bank records, financial statements, and the like, but I have to say working with him has truly become one of the best financial decisions that we have made. He has proven to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. Dan carefully listens to our goals and has helped us define an achievable plan to meet them, he takes the time to meet with us at our convenience and revise our plans according to our changing needs. Dan has also helped us to build our team of trusted professionals through referrals. We have never been disappointed, and we value him as a resource. The relationships he has developed with other professionals have proven to be worthy and successful. Dan’s strengths lie in his ability to listen to your needs and develop plans. He has an extensive knowledge of finances, and has always been able to answer even our most challenging questions. We truly feel that the success of our business, and the peace of mind that we have now in regard to our current financial situation, and our future financial goals is in large part due to the relationship that we have developed with Dan. We would recommend that you add him to your team of professionals without hesitation. We are confident that you will not be disappointed. ”

– Cassandra Fochtman, Vice President

Using the comprehensive monthly Business Ferret analysis provides you with financial intelligence to keep your financial operations on track and meet your strategic business goals.

Who can it help?

We currently analyze the on-going monthly finances of companies with combined revenues of over $1 billion. The average company revenue size is around $15 million but the analysis can serve small, mid-market, and large companies and corporations of any annual revenue size in any industry.

There is really no revenue size we can’t help due to our unique analysis process. Profit or non-profit companies, privately held or publicly traded – all will see a marked benefit from following our financial recommendations. The Business Ferret works to create increasing sustainable annual cash flow while reducing the overall business risk inherent in any business for any industry.

lulu_graph_02If you think your business needs a closer look at its finances, it does. If you think it’s doing fine you might be in trouble without even realizing it. Even positive revenue growth can be accompanied by unusual and serious financial challenges that are routinely ignored until they become problematic. If everything looks great now you might be on an unsustainable path. On average, around 10% of all businesses fail every year but they don’t have to; the number one cause to a majority of these failures is financially based.

Let our custom analysis help your company grow sustainably every year and avoid both common and uncommon pitfalls.

“Dan Cunningham started working with Olympic Hot Tub in 2015, giving us incredible insight and counsel on how to move the needle with our business. When the time came for the founding owners to retire, Business Ferret was instrumental in guiding us through the process of completing the business purchase for them. Dan has continued to provide with me with terrific advice and data critical for our company to move forward into this next chapter. He is forthright and gives frank assessments of what we present as strategic business opportunities so we can proceed with confidence. It is gratifying to have someone outside our business looking in with the ability to give big picture “what if…?” scenarios on the economic and business climate. We are a much more enlightened business team as a result of his participation in our world. It’s one of the reasons we named his business as our Vendor of the Year for 2016. If you’re interested in moving your business to the next level—and can be open to the advice and insight given--I’d highly recommend making Business Ferret part of your strategic plan. It will be well worth it.”

– Don Riling, President, Olympic Hot Tub

What can we do for you?

In the consulting industry, the cost to benefit ratio is generally one-to-one: for every dollar spent on consultation only one dollar is returned. We think this is a dismal value proposition.

The Business Ferret achieves an average five-to-one cost-to-benefit ratio (five dollars of benefit for every dollar of costs), often much more. With our repeat and large customers, the average is even better.

The Business Ferret monthly financial analysis makes sure your financial operations are on track to meet your business objectives. Don’t leave the health of your company to randomness as many privately held and publicly traded companies do.

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We’re tuned towards business owners but the Business Ferret can also help business advisors and analysts, buyers and sellers, and banks.