Monthly Financial Analysis for Business Owners

Financial Analysis Report Samples

about-main-bgThe best way to understand the Business Ferret is to see it in action. We collected financial analysis report samples from six companies in six different industries to show you what this powerful monthly analysis tool can do. These financial analysis reports can be created for any publicly traded company or any private company if the financial data is supplied.

The Business Ferret analysis is more than just a report. We create these analyses monthly and walk executives and business owners through the information one piece at a time. Our goal is to uncover missteps and missed opportunities that help improve cash flow and reduce the risk of a business going under.


Annual Financial Analysis – Restaurant

This local restaurant serves more than 80 dishes that include international, national, and local species of seafood. In addition to fish, they offer beef, salads and pasta dishes. Unfortunately, at this point, their diverse menu can’t save them from potential financial failure.

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Annual Financial Analysis – Heavy Construction Contractor

This civil heavy construction contractor operates nationwide and serves both public and private sector clients. From highways, airports, and canals to residential and commercial development, this company builds it all. In the meantime, their financial health is crumbling to the ground.

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Annual Financial Analysis – Engineering Firm

This publicly-traded engineering firm provides consulting, management, and other services to both public and private clients. Precision is the name of the game for engineering services but how is this firm doing with their financial precision?

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Annual Financial Analysis – Fitness Club

This fitness club chain operates on the east coast of the United States. From cardiovascular machines to free weights and fitness classes, their clubs have everything you need to get in shape. Too bad their finances don’t have a membership.

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Annual Financial Analysis – Coffee Roaster

This company roasts coffee and sells it both domestically and abroad. They operate coffee roasting facilities as well as retail outlets for coffee, tea, and food products. On the outside, this company appears to be very successful but, behind the scenes, their finances are falling apart.

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Annual Financial Analysis – Consulting Firm

This company is a global business advisory firm that assists companies with restructuring, litigation services, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), antitrust and more. With such a broad range of financial services, you might assume they would have their own finances in order but that’s not the case.

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Sample Business Valuation Report

The Business Ferret financial analysis leads to clear, accurate business valuations. We use the 12 key financial metrics to create an accurate, unbiased valuation of any current business.

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Public Companies

Granite Construction Financial Analysis

According to their website, Granite Construction is a “builder of roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and other infrastructure” operating out of Watsonville, California. They’re known for their work on Interstate 64 in St. Louis, the Queens Bored Tunnel in New York, and the Las Vegas Monorail, the 3 combined topping $1B. This company is building big things. While never a great measure of good financial practices, their stock price has seen better days. It spiked to almost $74 in 2007 but fell...

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Domino’s Pizza Financial Analysis

2000px-Dominos_pizza_logo.svg Creative and unique digital strategies have helped push Domino's to record-level earnings and share prices. We wanted to see if the numbers behind this fast food giant support all the great financial press we've seen lately. We were not disappointed.

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Coach, Inc Financial Analysis: Room for Improvement

coach-logo The stock price chart (from Google Finance, COH) shows the roller-coaster this stock has been in the last 10 years. In our analysis, we're going to concentrate on the last 4 years or so and see what went wrong and what corrections we recommend.

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Willamette Valley Vineyards (WVVI) Is Doing It Right

wvv In 2010, we would have recommended they stop seeking revenues and start focusing on gross profit margins and gross profit dollars - increase prices and do it now! Over the next 3 years, prices increased, gross profit margin increased by almost 1/3, and the annual revenues declined 24%. These changes made sure the business stayed healthy during a time that could have really hurt their future prospects.

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Lululemon – Great Brand, Poor Financial Performance

lululemon_185 You might think that a company with a strong following that’s closing in on $1.6 billion in sales has nothing to fear but you would be wrong. We ran Lulu’s financials statements through our analysis program and found serious cause for concern. Lulu’s story is a great example of a strong product that could be outdone by poor financial management.

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Tesla Motors Financial Analysis

tesla_logo Tesla Motors, the brainchild of the PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, has been in the news recently with their award-winning Tesla Model S, a sedan capable of beating out a Viper R/T in a drag race. But how are their finances?

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Can Google’s Finances Compete? We Say Yes

google-new-logo Comparing Google (GOOG) to another technology company like Amazon can cause a great deal of confusion for a finance professional. Google does a fair job at adhering to the basic tenants of finance compared to Amazon, a company with seemingly no regard for financial principals. Still, somehow, Google is treated like an old shoe compared to Amazon. What gives?

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Microsoft Financial Analysis – Destroying Value with Too Much Cash

microsoft-new-logo We found both good signs and bad signs but, overall, there is huge room for improvement. If Microsoft took our advice, it could revive some of its lost luster and improve its stockholder value.

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