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Dan and the Business Ferret quickly became a very necessary resource at La Marzocco. Not only do we appreciate the professionalism, integrity and outstanding competence at the Business Ferret, but we’ve learned so much on how to manage cash and create cash flow and so quickly. We went ahead and created free distribution cash flow distribution with tranquility, knowing we were not distracting resources necessary to run our business smoothly and profitably yet keep investing. We would not have gotten there without the expert guidance and patience of Dan.

— Guido Bernardinelli, Managing Director of La Marzocco Srl Florence Italy

There is an old adage in business… ‘Cash is King’. Prior to Dan’s arrival, we knew the importance of cash management at a high level, but we didn’t really understand what levers we could use to improve our cash flow. Dan gets cash management and with his help, we have been able to grow our business easily and without cash issues. I can honestly say that Dan has been instrumental in helping us achieve our business objectives.

— Scott Armstrong, Owner & CEO, Brenthaven

I got into business because I loved what I do, not because I knew how to run a business. The Business Ferret has helped me learn the key essentials of managing our financial affairs, turning our business from barely afloat to one that is ready to takeoff. The detailed monthly financial analysis has help me focus on what is important and keep the company on track. Thanks Dan for all you do.

— Faith Trimble, CEO of FLT Consulting, Inc.

We use the Ferret on every job because it is a comprehensive, financial analysis tool that gives companies and business owners the practical ability to ‘get inside’ their financials to help them identify a clear path to profitability. We believe the Ferret is a ‘pro-active’ tool that helps businesses manage growth and allows them to avoid the potential pitfalls that lead to inefficient operations.

— Peter Almerling, Hycroft Financial Partners

Long overdue … Valuable insights and excellent financial ratios to help clients navigate their way through the turbulent waters of making practical sense of the financial state of affairs of their business health. I use this tool at every opportunity to help advise and balance my client’s perspective of managing the hard assets along with the heart assets.

— Dr. Ron Dohr, Dohr Family Business Consulting

[The Business Ferret] has tracked us and shown trends of our business both during good and bad times thus helping us to make critical decisions on current issues and which direction to go or for that matter not to go. It really is a valuable tool in which I can rely on.

— Scott Stoner, TCM Inc.

[The] Business Ferret program [and] personal consultation has given us a much better grasp of our financial outlook. This tool will allow us to monitor cash flow, budget and forecast on a monthly and yearly basis with much better accuracy. We are also finding the system simple to use and our bookkeeper is very enthusiastic about the implementation of this new system.

— John Davidson, Dream Turf, LLC

The Business Ferret has given me a better appreciation of the future effects of today’s decisions – most other accounting reports are like looking backwards, last month, last quarter, last year. Also, the Business Ferret can clearly predict future bankruptcy risk early enough to take corrective actions.

— Richard Harrington, Sound Mind & Body

We … are big fans of Business Ferret. It is a fast, flexible and easily digestible tool that helps us to better understand where we have been and helps give strong indications of where we are heading.

— Todd Prophet, Harley Marine Services, Inc.

The Business Ferret provides a great, comprehensive “Financial Snapshot” that our UBA Member Firms use to not only monitor their own financial health, but also to analyze acquisition candidates.

— Chris John, Chief Executive Officer, United Benefit Advisors

The Business Ferret program allows a banker a-quick review of historical and current trends of a company. [The] highlighted comments even add more information to focus on the real issues and solutions. It is a useful product in this fast paced business market.

— Kevin Ekar, Heritage Bank

I don’t see how anyone can effectively manage their business long term without this tool. I suppose it would be like driving a car without one’s glasses, you could drive, but wouldn’t be able to read signs, or see turns until it was too late. The Ferret provides clarity in its comprehensive translation of our financial statements.

— Steve Clement, Sage Fruit

I’ve been impressed with the Business Ferret’s comprehensive coverage of information not always available to business owners. Not all CPAs are trained financial analysts, and having this tool available to my clients as a complement to the services I can offer them makes me a more effective advisor.

— Jeffrey P. Maxwell, Partner Seattle Moss Adams LLP

Your business Ferret program was one of the best things I have ever done for my business. The information that it provided me with and the value it has given me in making good decisions has been unquantifiable.

— Gregg S. Fisher, President & Chief Investment Officer Gerstein, Fisher Associates, Inc.

The Business Ferret gives me a view into a company to identify issues that were not apparent or even suspected by the company’s own management. [It] saves me countless hours of technical financial analysis to spot issues that could be risks to the company.

— Thomas Rausch, Compliance Consultants, LLC

The Business Ferret saved me several hundred thousand dollars by providing an indispensable analysis of the value and overall health of a company I considered purchasing.

— Randy Bannecker, Bannecker & Associates

I continue to recommend the Business Ferret to my clients and prospects … The proforma information and the sensitivity analysis that you can provide is often what we bankers need to validate cash flows and breakeven on fast growing companies.

— Rick Resseguie, Business Relationship Mgr at Wells Fargo Business Banking