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The Business Ferret for Business Advisors

Business advisors have a very tough job. We know because we’re right there in the trenches with you. Not only are you charged with completely understanding a company’s finances, you are also faced with emotional decisions of company executives, misinformation from current or former advisors, and corporate cultures that can be near-impossible to understand, let alone penetrate or alter.

Let our experience be yours

The Ferret has over 3 decades of experience with companies of all shapes and sizes. What comes up time and time again is that companies’ management teams either don’t know, or don’t use, strategic financial concepts to guide their businesses. Hence many companies – more than 50% – are run at a much higher risk than need be and are unnecessarily losing endless amounts of annual cash flow forever.

To effectively advise a company owner, CFO, or board on the ins-and-outs of their financial statements, you need to have complete and comprehensible information at your fingertips. The Business Ferret uses 12 key financial competency metrics to paint a complete picture of the overall company financial health with an eye towards the future. By running regular Business Ferret reports, you not only see how the company is performing over time, you can also predict future success and failure.

Grow your business, not just your clients’

We’ve helped financial advisors provide valuable, accurate information for years. We’ve also helped them identify new services and offerings to advance their own businesses. With powerful metrics like cost of capital, sustained revenue growth, and asset versus debt comparisons, you’re in a position to offer a much better menu of services than your competition. We’d be surprised if your competition even knows what these numbers mean!

Let the Business Ferret be your financial Swiss Army knife to help you increase your clients’ long-term stability and wealth.