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Dan is a financial genius! We began working with Dan over 4 years ago and his financial reporting has helped us significantly increase our revenue each year and brought us to a new level of financial success. Dan has not only helped up grow our business exponentially with his reporting tools & advice, he has helped us grow in a manner consistent with maintaining scalable & smart growth. His financial expertise is invaluable, I honestly don’t know how any company could successfully grow and run their business without a “Dan.”

— Graham & Lora Budd, Owners, AestheticsPro Online

Dan has really helped us rise above the fray of everyday accounting, so that we can make solid, reasoned decisions about how we operate our business. Our work together has already resulted in very strong improvements to overall margin and other key operating metrics. Bean Box – Coffee Gifts and Subscriptions is still a very rapidly growing startup, but working with The Business Ferret is setting the groundwork for sustainable operations for the very long term.

— Matthew Berk, Founder, Bean Box

Dan was working with the previous owner and I, as a first time business owner, found his insight and benchmarking very valuable. Coming from a large corporate company background with lots of resources and comparison tools to measure performance, entering the small business world is going into the unknown. Is your company performing well not just in profit but expenses, cash flow and other financial metrics – as well as ideas on how to improve? Dan can help.

— Larry Prein, Owner, Innovac

Kevin and I have been working with Dan Cunningham for about six years and we can’t say enough good things about him. As small business owners who are strapped for time we rely on the advice of trusted professionals. We consider Dan at the Business Ferret to be an integral part of our team.

I must admit that at first I was personally hesitant to hand over our company to Dan in the form of bank records, financial statements, and the like, but I have to say working with him has truly become one of the best financial decisions that we have made. He has proven to be extremely reliable and trustworthy.
Dan carefully listens to our goals and has helped us define an achievable plan to meet them, he takes the time to meet with us at our convenience and revise our plans according to our changing needs.

Dan has also helped us to build our team of trusted professionals through referrals. We have never been disappointed, and we value him as a resource. The relationships he has developed with other professionals have proven to be worthy and successful.

Dan’s strengths lie in his ability to listen to your needs and develop plans. He has an extensive knowledge of finances, and has always been able to answer even our most challenging questions.

We truly feel that the success of our business, and the peace of mind that we have now in regard to our current financial situation, and our future financial goals is in large part due to the relationship that we have developed with Dan.

We would recommend that you add him to your team of professionals without hesitation. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

— Cassandra Fochtman, Vice President

As a small business owner it is imperative to have a financial advisor that has the ability to instill confidence, trust and an understanding of the long-term financial goals of their clients; Dan Cunningham of The Business Ferret possesses these traits. Dan is personable, respectful, engaging, available, and ensures his clients are comfortable in the understanding of the information presented to appropriately guide their decision making. Dan has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend him as a competent financial advisor!

— Tom Richardson, Gilman Autobody

Our company has worked with Dan a.k.a. The Business Ferret going on 7 years now – his insights, knowledge and financial analysis have provided us with great decision-making power. One of the 1st things Dan helped us do was correct our trade cycle, our cash had been tied up in inventory and Dan was able to steer us in the right direction to clean this up, improving our cash flow overnight. Dan also provided great insight regarding our product pricing strategies that lead us to take a price increase improving our margin. We have benefited tremendously from Dan’s business acumen, he has helped us improve our business financials and create a sustainable growth model.

— Brandon Krafka, VP of Finance, DRY Soda, Inc.

We write to express how pleased we have been to work with Dan and Business Ferret. We sought their services in early 2015 because we needed a partner to help us understand our financials in a deeper, simpler fashion. Dan has exceeded our expectations. He’s been a vital part of our recent success by helping us focus on what matters in our finances and on our business, as a whole. The Business Ferret tool used is invaluable as it helps us see the big picture, while also allowing us to run scenarios that can affect our future. We without hesitation recommend Dan and Business Ferret to anyone who wishes to take their business to another level.

— Philip Marks, VP & Business Manager, Modelremodel, LLC

I learn something at every meeting with Dan. His service is very valuable. Some of the information that I learn applies immediately to how I manage my business. A great example is the calculation of loan constants. Before I had this information, I went on just a hunch on what to pay off first. In fact, I did a lot of my management with a hunch. Dan has showed me how to properly manage cash flow and keep my business profitable. He takes the time to teach me the reason behind what impacts my bottom line.

— Rob Fleckenstein, O.D., Eagle River Vision Clinic

The Business Ferret is such a great resource for a small business like ours. As the CFO, it is an added benefit to have another set of eyes reviewing our business and another resource to ask about what is trending in the business world. Dan is a great mentor and really, really enjoy working with him……he is always just a phone call away!” ~ Sarah Shaw CFO A&R Aviation Services Inc.

— Sarah Shaw, CFO, A&R Aviation Services

Dan Cunningham started working with Olympic Hot Tub in 2015, giving us incredible insight and counsel on how to move the needle with our business. When the time came for the founding owners to retire, Business Ferret was instrumental in guiding us through the process of completing the business purchase for them.

Dan has continued to provide with me with terrific advice and data critical for our company to move forward into this next chapter. He is forthright and gives frank assessments of what we present as strategic business opportunities so we can proceed with confidence.

It is gratifying to have someone outside our business looking in with the ability to give big picture “what if…?” scenarios on the economic and business climate. We are a much more enlightened business team as a result of his participation in our world. It’s one of the reasons we named his business as our Vendor of the Year for 2016.

If you’re interested in moving your business to the next level—and can be open to the advice and insight given–I’d highly recommend making Business Ferret part of your strategic plan. It will be well worth it.

— Don Riling, President, Olympic Hot Tub

The Business Ferret helps our company leaders by providing insightful analysis of our finances and clear explanations of risks and opportunities. He helps us focus on the importance of cash flow oversight from freeing usable cash via payables and receivables to understanding the safe use of debt. Dan is genuinely interested in our business. He enjoys working with us through challenges and pointing out where things are going well. This gives us confidence that he will identify red-flags early and alleviate unwarranted concerns. Dan’s in-depth knowledge goes beyond financial statements. His guidance on tax and regulatory issues has kept us from making decisions with unintended consequences. We appreciate and enjoy working with Dan!

— Steve Ellmann, Chief Financial Officer, DF/Net Research, Inc.

As a Global Business, La Marzocco has used the experience and reporting to assist us with the proper management of cash throughout the entire company.

What a great opportunity to be able to see into the future across the world with multiple currencies! Plus I really enjoy working and learning from Dan along the way!

— Connie Marquardt, Senior VP, Finance and Operations, North America, La Marzocco

Comprehensive financial analysis work in a one-stop shop! Partnering with the Business Ferret has provided the information and tools necessary to long-term strategy, growth planning, and insights to avoid the potential turbulence when operating a business. One common phrase resonates among the company’s Board of Directors and management team, “I love the Ferret!” Dan’s insights to our company’s financials, detailed monthly analytics, analysis of future ventures and opportunities, as well as assisting with managing our money manager, have allowed me to focus on other opportunities and sleep a little better at night! I would be lost without the Business Ferret!

— Jana Turvey, President & CEO, Leisnoi, Inc.

In 2010 my business was beginning to grow and I saw the need for more sophistication and expertise in running the financial side of Sound Options. This is the time I met Dan Cunningham and hired him. We have been working very closely ever since. Dan not only is an expert in analyzing the financials including budgeting and forecasting, but he takes a truly sincere interest in wanting to make each company he works with succeed. Each month we review our financials and annually we conference to strategize for the future. Now that he knows the company and our operations, he has become a truly integrated part of our team. For me as the President, with a nursing background I rely on him and trust his advice. We have followed his recommendations and to date, we have a financially solid company. I cannot say enough good things about Dan and his services and I sleep easier at night! Mary Lynn Pannen, RN, BSN, CCM

— Mary Lynn Pannen, RN, BSN, CCM, President & Owner, Sound Options